Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2011 Party Naked Scavenger Hunt

Growing up, I’m sure everyone could say they participated in at least one scavenger hunt. Frantically running door to door asking neighbors for oddly household items like a pair of tube socks or ball of yarn. But what very few people will ever be able to admit successful participation in is a Scavenger Hunt hosted by Party Naked!
And let me tell you what - - those of you who bravely set their morals aside and left their intuition, common sense, and dignity at home on Sunday November 13th, 2011 - - Thank You! For we collectively accomplished a list of challenges that most normal folks’ response to when merely reading was “No way I would ever do that!!!”

For most challengers, this was their first experience in a competition of this nature. Team strategies were slim to non-existent when we all gathered early Sunday morning for assembly and mimosas. With the point value for challenges ranging from as little as 2 to as much as 10, it was difficult to decide where exactly was best to start. And when two major curveballs were thrown at the teams during Party Naked’s announcements, it could not have possibly created more insanity than the day was already scheduled to be.
The first surprise addition was rewarding any player who consumed one of Uncle Dave’s Magic Brownies an encouraging 15 points! Stipulation was it had to be ingested within the first 3 hours of the competition, as to inhibit (or not inhibit) your performance the remainder of the day! To our surprise, nearly every team had at least one player polish off a hand-baked brownie by Uncle Dave, earning them 15 additional points per player. Well done!

As hard as it is to believe, however, the second curveball delivered that morning superseded the first by a long shot! As it was a member of Team TK Productions, let’s just call him Brian for the story’s sake, that instigated a deliberation amongst all teams for a 100 point challenge!! But what could anybody possibly conquer outside of the original list of challenges that would reward them this many points? How bout a tattoo of “Party Naked” on their body? The decision was unanimous and the addition was made! But I doubt anyone would actually do this…………….. I think

A total of six people felt the permanent touch of a needle to their skin that afternoon, and yes all of which left the fatal words of Party Naked. A tribute to quite possibly the craziest day of their life and undoubtedly an experience they will remember for years to come.
Common naysayers responded that they are certain these six people will “regret it in the morning”. And I politely continue to disagree with these individuals. Because yes a tattoo is permanent, but not all memories are. And at the rate our generation parties, there is a good chance we will forget the times we had during this chapter of our life. But for the rest of their life, with each glance of that tattoo, the memories of that day and this portion of your life will be virtually unforgettable.  

 So to those of you who competed in the 2011 Party Naked Scavenger Hunt, thanks again and we know we will see you back again at the 2012 Hunt. Whether it was eating raw eggs, dancing in the middle of an intersection, making out with a cougar, holding a mouth full of sardines or any of the other hundreds of challenges, everybody made an impact on the success of San Diego’s first Scavenger Hunt! And until we decide it’s been enough time from the damage this did to us all as a whole, we will see you next year at the 2012 Party Naked Scavenger Hunt! Cheers!

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